Weeknight Society is your answer to the question “what’s for dinner tonight?” We know that cooking dinner every night can be a chore so we create amazingly easy dinners for you using great ingredients and seasonal produce to help you win the weeknight.

When you use good ingredients, you only need a few to make something amazing. It’s not about how much time it takes to get dinner on the table, but how much time you spend at the table together.

Eating dinner together matters.

Alexandra Hedin | Founder

Alexandra Hedin is an award winning blogger, author, and admired contributor to local television and print outlets.   Her enthusiasm for cooking and entertaining comes across in everything she does – but never as much as when she is cooking for her family. After realizing – at elementary school drop off and pick up – that other parents DREADED cooking dinner at night, she had an idea.

Weeknight Society was born.