Bookalicious | Mario Batali's Big American Cookbook

I don't know anyone who doesn't love Mario Batali.  If you did 't love him when he first started on The Food Network a zillion years ago, then you've probably come to love him on The Chew.  I adore him on The Chew.  

His latest cookbook is really cool.  It's not about his standard Italian fare - it's about our fare, the American fare.  From all over America.  There are things in this book that I've only heard of - like Hoppin' John.  And there are things that I have adored in my travels that I've never thought to make again - like Chesapeake Bay Oyster Fritters - but now I could totally make them.

What should I make first?  This sauerkraut?  The oysters?  I'm so confused!  Then there's a Mississippi Mud Pie too!  Help me decide or tell me what you've made.