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Photo by Amy Christie for This Heart of Mine

Photo by Amy Christie for This Heart of Mine

I am so immensely proud to get to talk about the book Scandinavian Gatherings by Melissa Bahen.   I met Melissa years ago at ALT Summit.  She was the cute blonde in the yellow sweater and I was the pro who had been to ALT before.  By pro, I mean I had been there once and knew a few people.  We spent some time together on the last day and I could not have been more smitten with this lovely, kind, gorgeous lady.  

We kept in touch, we emailed, we had dinner together with our families at my place when she was in Seattle, we became good friends. (Even though she's a Duck)

photo by Linnea Paulina

photo by Linnea Paulina

When Melissa told me about the book she wanted to write I was an enthusiastic supporter.  I come from a Swedish family and I married a Swede, so our Scandinavian traditions are some of our favorites.  Melissa and I share so many of those same fond memories of lefse and cardamom bread.

Last week Melissa came to Seattle on her book tour and I was thrilled to host an intimate brunch at DRY Soda's headquarters in honor of her book.

Melissa and I created a brunch buffet featuring recipes from her book as well as a hearty Roasted Vegetable and Quinoa Salad from the Weeknight Society app.  If you have the book, you should really try the Spiced Apple Coffee Cake and the Jam Cakes.  I haven't been eating wheat, but I ate all of that coffee cake and more jam cakes than I needed to count.  

The view from DRY Soda's headquarters is amazing.  They are located in the Smith Tower - a historic and GORGEOUS building in Downtown Seattle.  The building even has the original elevators and operators to run them!  

The day we hosted the brunch was an epically rainy and blustery Seattle day.  It was rumored to be the worst storm in 50 years (it wasn't) but it made for the coolest view from the 12th floor.  We watched ferries emerge from the fog to dock at the waterfront.  And then they'd disappear back into the fog.  

Being at the DRY Soda Headquarters we had boxes and boxes of DRY Soda at our disposal.  I created a cocktail using DRY Rhubarb (one of my favorites!)  Because it was still morning and there were things to do, I kept the drinks non-alchohlic, but this is perfect with a splash of vodka.

DRY Rhubarb + Apple Cider + Rhubarb simple syrup.  I'll post instructions soon - in time for Thanksgiving for sure!

I can't begin to describe how beautiful Scandinavian Gatherings is.  It's the kind of book that will make a perfect hostess gift this holiday season.  It's beautifully designed, beautifully photographed, and well thought out.  My mother-in-law bought the book as soon as it came out and has already been baking from it! I know you will love it too.  Click here and order a copy from Amazon now!

Special Thanks for the Fabulous Brunch

Sarah Kyle at Kyle & Co created the flowers

DRY Soda for the hospitality and generosity