weeknight fall | Pumpkin Pasta + DRY Cranberry

I have all the fall feels right now with the blustery days, the leaves falling, the pumpkins on every stoop.  And now that the Halloween madness is over, I feel like I can actually enjoy the season.  

Can you believe how ridiculous it is before Halloween?  I don't think I actually relax or get a good night sleep until we hit November.  I made costumes, cookies, we had to "BOO" people (do you do this?  It's insane), and we still had soccer.  

To celebrate the madness of Halloween being over, I popped open a bottle of the NEW champagne bottle shaped DRY Sparkling and made an easy - and super seasonally appropriate - dinner.  

All you really have to be able to do to make this dinner is boil water.  If you can get the pasta noodles cooked, you're basically there.  The sauce whips up on the side and is a perfectly luscious sauce.  

I would have probably made this with heavy cream at some point in my life.  But now that I can see 40 on the horizon, I swapped it out for Greek yogurt.  Greek yogurt is lower in fat and higher in protein than cream so it's a much healthier choice.  With the holidays fast approaching, a few healthier choices seem like the right idea. (Also, I'll finish this dinner off with a handful of my children's Halloween candy.  Balance.)

Hedin Dry Soda.jpg

In keeping with my feelings of being slightly healthier, I paired this dinner with the brand spanking new DRY Sparkling Cranberry.  In the great tradition of fabulous flavors from DRY Soda, this Cranberry Sparkling is another fabulous flavor.  It's not too sweet and not too soda-y.  DRY designs all of their flavors to pair perfectly with food - with or without alcohol.  

I love that there's an option this holiday season that's non-alcholic and not packed with sugar.  These flavors have some sugar but it's all pure cane sugar, so it's the good stuff - not the weird processed sugars. 

I will have a case of this on hand to replace that sparkling apple stuff that my kids never drink anyway (too sweet and too fake).  When I host a dinner party I think it's really important to have booze-free choices for my young guests AND for my friends.  If there's only wine at the table, it's going to be a tipsy night!  I like to have sparkling water and other options out to choose from - I am excited to add these darling bottles to the bar.  

P.S. It's pretty great with Cranberry vodka added to...  There's a Ginger flavor also that I highly recommend with whiskey. 

This recipe is available on the app next week so you can add it to your weeknight line up.  If you haven't downloaded the app yet, you should!  Every week I update the menu with fresh seasonal flavors like this one.  All of the recipes are quick, moderately healthy, and family friendly.  I make every recipe myself to make sure it's food you and your family want to eat.  

Pumpkin Pasta with Toasted Pecans

This recipe can be so simple when you cook from the app!  Download it in the app store and you can follow step-by-step instructions and use the grocery shopping list.  Make every dinner this simple by subscribing to the app!


About DRY:  DRY Sparkling creates beautifully refreshing, culinary-inspired sodas. Made with just a touch of cane sugar, each DRY variety honors a singular botanical flavor. DRY is great on its own, paired with food or mixed into cocktails.

About the #HolidayPairingParty: To celebrate the upcoming holiday season, we’re having a virtual Holiday Pairing Party! Throughout the next week, a handful of other bloggers and I will be virtually sipping sparkly seasonal drinks and nibbling on tasty holiday food pairings with DRY Sparkling’s new limited edition Ginger and Cranberry sodas! Visit Amber’s blog Loves Food, Loves to Eat on 11/17 for the full round-up of #HolidayPairingParty recipes.

And head over to DRY Sparkling to learn more about where to find the holiday flavors, plus see below for details on how you can win a DRY Sparkling prize pack of your own!