weeknight inspiration | holiday floral

Floral arrangements are all over the place during the holiday season.  Whether you are hosting a party (need flowers at a party) or going to a party (taking flowers to the hostess) or just trying to make your house look slightly more festive - flowers are everywhere.  Which is a little bit of a drag in the middle of December.  It's not exactly the time of year when you think of an abundance of flowers.  

So we get clever.

One year I used all fallen branches to make a giant arrangement,  I've been known to include rose hips, ivy, and holly.  Anything that I can come up with that's a little more interesting than the standard grocery store bouquet.  


So I was pretty excited to see this interesting take on tulips and holly berries (called ilex in the business) from Stargazer Barn.  The bulbs are actually still attached to the tulips.  I filled a shallow bowl with  bit of water and popped them on top.  When you order from Stargazer Barn, the flowers show up wired to the holly berry branches so the entire thing can stand on it's own.  As the flowers sit and open up, the tulips grow a few more inches and reach up above the berries they were the same height at the day they arrived.  They start to loosen after a week or so and become a beautiful, natural looking arrangement.  

Stargazer Barn grows all of their own flowers on their farm in Humbolt County, California.  They raise grapes and make wine right there too - so if you needed to add a bottle of wine to an order - that's totally an option. 

If you've done any looking into where flowers are actually grown and come from, it's refreshing to find a lovely little farm like Stargazer that grows and sells their flowers by varietal and takes pride in what they are growing.  Just another way to get to know the farmers who are putting things on your table - this time it's the decor!  


The flowers were provided by Stargazer Barn in exchange for this post.  All opinions are those of Weeknight Society.