holiday party | jenny cookies & tree top

Ain't no party like a Jenny Cookies party!  Seriously, this girl can host an amazing party - even in the midst of opening her own shop and the holidays, she managed to pull off a darling little holiday party with a handful of families.  

Jenny filled the party with treats from her Jenny Cookies Bake Shop and Tree Top supplied warm apple cider and apple sauce pouches for the children.

For the children, Jenny arranged gingerbread house decorating and darling crafts using apple sauce pouches and candy canes!  I had completely forgotten to pack cute clothes for my children - who stayed with my in-laws the night before while we went out to karaoke with friends - so mine are not as darling as the other children there.  But they made it into a few images.

Our holiday season has been so hectic and ridiculous, it was a welcome respite to actually sit back and celebrate for an hour or two with delicious treats, crafts my kids could do without supervision (or limited), and fun conversation.  

I love Jenny and love supporting her ambitious business - but I also love Tree Top.  I don't know if we've discussed it before but Tree Top is a local Washington co-op that supports more than 1,000 fruit growers in the Pacific Northwest.  Because everything is grown in the Northwest and processed in the Northwest, that makes Tree Top locally grown, locally raised, and locally produced.  I am a big supporter of local growers and when you see a local company become such a leader, it's an inspiration.  

The only thing that made it more outrageous was the giant pile of gifts Jenny sent us home with!  We were spoiled beyond belief by her generous friends.

All photos by Kelly Clare Photography