Let me feed you

A long time ago I discovered that I like to feed people.  It wasn’t a ground breaking discovery, my family has been in the business of feeding people – professionally and personally – my whole life.  I just discovered that it was fun to cook food and serve food.  I liked setting the table, arranging flowers, scouring the fridge when everyone else said it was empty and producing food.

We’ve gone to friends houses and I find myself taking over the kitchen and inviting myself to dinner as I promise to cook it all.  I don’t even mind the dishes.  I’ll text your husband or mine a grocery list to pick up what ever might be missing from your pantry.

I didn’t realize that I had always been feeding people until recently.  As I have started to forge a path with Weeknight Society that feels more genuine to who I am and what I love to do, I’ve realized that I have always been drawn to feeding people.

In high-school, I cooked dinner for my dates before dances and baked cookies before every football game.  On weekends I experimented with cookie recipes (some were epic failures – like the recipe where Martha Stewart insisted you could use bacon grease as the butter substitute.  Vile.)

In college I crashed the kitchen in fraternities to try to find ingredients to make anything edible.  I ordered pizza instead.

When I lived in Italy I hosted parties in my apartment for the other ex-pats.  I scavenged the city for ingredients to make a Cinco de Mayo party, hunted at farmers markets for ingredients that I could afford for a big group, and found party supply stores to decorate for birthdays.

As a full-fledged grown up now, I cook every night (mandatory with children) and find great joy in it.  Weeknight Society has let me indulge my love for cooking – and my love for feeding others.  Once a week my photographer and I photograph every recipe you will see – step by step photos and the finished dish.  We usually shoot seven dinners in one day – often in five hours (we have children to pick up from school).

Having a kitchen full of seven complete dinners means I send out a group text once a week to get all that food out of my house.  You have no idea the amount of joy I get from feeding my friends.  Especially my friend who is currently 36 weeks pregnant with twins.  Anything I’ve made in the last month that was freeze-able has been delivered to her freezer.

What I’ve discovered is that I want to feed you.  All of you.  But that’s not all.  I want to feed you healthy food.  Real food.  Groceries that come from the outside edge of the store or the farmer’s market.  I want you to be healthy.  Like, really healthy.

I eat a lot of weird things now in an effort to be more healthy.  I won’t push that on you.  But once in a while, let’s do a cleanse together.  Not a “only eat juice” cleanse or something silly like that.  But a clean food cleanse.  One where we won’t eat gluten or dairy for a week.  Reset our system with good healthy food.

You aren’t alone in this trek to cook dinner and be healthy.  I want to feed you.  So let me be a resource for you.  That’s what I’m here for.

If you’ve read this entire post, then you deserve to be the first to know that Weeknight Society is evolving into…


… an app!  Weeknight Society will be an app you can subscribe to in the iTunes store featuring weekly menus, smart shopping lists, and recipes – all of the recipes are designed to take about a half an hour.  Some take a little longer, some take a little shorter.  In the summer, we’ve eliminated the kitchen where we can.

If I could find a way to cook for you, I would.  Believe me, I’m dreaming up ways.  In the meantime, download the app on July 15th (Mark your calendar!) and we can start slow.

I would love your feedback and thoughts as I move forward and keep cooking.  Have a recipe you’re dying to make on the weeknight but it doesn’t seem realistic?  Let me work on it!  Hungry for something we haven’t cooked?  Let me know.

I can’t wait to feed you.  Even if it’s from a distance and through your phone.  Share it with me and I’ll repost everything.  Use #weeknightsociety and I’ll find it.