weeknight parties | flowers with Alice's Table

I love flowers and flower arranging.  At least once a week I go out into the yard and pick what ever is in bloom.  In the spring I have peonies and early roses; in the summer hydrangeas and roses continue to bloom; and in the fall the dahlias are prolific (even though I only seem to have orange...).  When the flowers are abundant (most of the time) I deliver bouquets to my girlfriends around town in what has become an almost weekly delivery.  

Flowers are the ultimate (cheap, legal, and safe) mood lifer. I highly recommend it.  If you live in Boston, you and your girlfriends can go to a flower arranging class at Alice's Table.  If you aren't in Boston, no worries because they have just launched a new platform where you can host your own flower events!  Click here for more information.  

Flowers are often seen as an indulgence for parties or weekend entertaining - so I asked Alice's Table to share with us an arrangement you can easily make on the weeknight.  With just a few flowers and a few minutes, this gorgeous arrangement makes your weeknight dinner an occasion!


  • 3 Miniature Green Hydrangeas
  • 2 White Gerbera Daisies
  • 5 White Tulips
  • 3 White Lilies
  • 3 Sahara Spray Roses
  • White Wax Flower


  1. Hold your hydrangeas together to create the base of your arrangement.
  2. Add in your spray roses and tulips to create more volume.
  3. Choose the focal points in your bouquet and thread through your stems of gerbera daises and lilies.
  4. Collar your arrangement with wax flower.
  5. Tie it all together using floral wire, and trim your stems to the appropriate height.


Thanks to Alice's Table for sharing the arrangement!