Only the coolest Back to School party ever

A significant amount of the thought that went into Weeknight Society revolved around Back to School.  When the kids go back to school, we end up back in the kitchen.  Not that we starved all summer - but it's different.  The schedules are different.  You can grill more regularly.  Burgers for dinner is a regular occurrence (not that we're leaving those behind in September!)  

But with Back to School comes back to a schedule, back to sports, back to traffic, back to a short turn-around between school getting out and sports practice or gymnastics or chess club starting.  It's all happening now. 

To coincide with my own excitement for Back to School (six hours without children at home!) we got to go to Keller Farmhouse and celebrate with Jenny Keller and Tree Top.  Yes, THAT Jenny Keller.  Jenny Cookies.  The one with the cool Instagram feed and the even cooler blog.  Her.  So we packed up the car and drove (what felt like forever) to get to her idyllic farmhouse and property for the celebration.  

If you've ever seen a post on Jenny Cookies then you know her parties are gorgeous.  What you may not know is that in real life they are EPIC.  The long drive out there had made my kids skeptics (also, city kids) so they were being real troopers to humor me.  As soon as we pulled up there were goats.  Real live goats.  Actual farm life at a farm.  And it was all increasingly fabulous from there.  

Jenny is most famous for her incredible dessert tables and this party was no different.  Cookies, cake, caramel apples, rice krispie treats, more cookies... my kids weren't sure if they were allowed to eat it!  I was sure I was and I sure did.  I even bought her cookbook as soon as we got back in the car so I could have this sugar cookie recipe.  

Sweets weren't the only treats!  The kids were S.P.O.I.L.E.D by Jenny and a crew of talented vendors.  We went home with backpacks filled with school supplies and darling pillows (Using them at the beach!  Check my personal Instagram @ahedin).  If the goats hadn't already won over my children, a new backpack certainly cinched the deal.  The drive was worth it.

A huge thank you to Jenny Keller and Tree Top for including us in this party.  I know it got my children excited for going back to school.  Tree Top sponsored the party and they know I have a huge crush on their products.  My kids seek out the Honeycrisp juice and love the squeeze packets of apple sauce (but only the strawberry flavor).  I love that they are local, they celebrate local farmers, and produce a juice that I feel good about giving my kids (because I don't feel good about most juice type beverages).

I'm cooking some recipes with Tree Top juice this fall and I can't wait to share them with you!

For a zillion more pictures, plus more details, plus links, click through to Jenny Cookies blog post about the party.