Monte Cristo Waffles {+ adjustments for kids}


With every recipe I write for Weeknight Society I think up how I can serve this to my own children with a limited number of "eww" at the table.  It occurred to me recently to share those tricks with you.  Most of them I try to call out in the 'notes' section of the app so you can cook for your own children and feel successful.  

Monte Cristo Waffles are one of my favorite dinners - at least they were before we stopped eating dairy.  Ugg, this "no cheese" think is killing me.  I love the fluffy waffles dotted with bites of freshly sliced ham and shredded cheese.  As the cheese cooks it crisps up on the edges where it touches the waffle iron and creates these deliciously crunchy bites.  

The egg on top is critical because the yolk creates a perfect 'sauce' for the top of the waffle.  Especially if you add maple syrup and a dusting of powdered sugar.  I can't tell you how amazing the combination is - that first bite is dreamy.  You'll be dragging that last bite of waffle through the syrupy yolk on the bottom of the plate.

For my kids, here's how I adjust things.

1. No cheese in the batter and no ham either.  Just straight up waffles.

2. For the one who likes ham and cheese, I roll those up together and have a "ham roll up" on the side.

3. Scrambled eggs. Those runny yolks that are so dreamy and delicious to me are "disgusting" to them.  Scrambled on the side and we're in business.

Breakfast for dinner is possibly one of the simplest dinners to cater to the children with, but I'll be posting a recipe + alterations every day so you can 'win' dinner every night.  Everything we do can't be a win - but maybe dinner can.  Tonight anyway.  

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