Mediterranean Chicken {+ lunch the next day}

Mediterranean Chicken was one of the first recipes I came up with for the app.  I love the fresh flavors on the chicken, I love having all of the fresh vegetables in the salad.  I love that it's like a gyro all grown up.  

I recently discovered that it's also the most amazing lunch EVER.  You can watch me make the whole thing live next month of Q13 FOX Weekend Morning News {I'll post the video when we have it!}.  

Here's how it turned into an epic lunch.

1. Once we finished dinner I pulled the leftover chicken off the bone.  You can pop it in a container now and make lunch in the morning or get ready to make lunch now and you can sleep 10 more minutes tomorrow.

2. Pull out a large burrito size flour tortilla and spread it with hummus. 

3. Chop a cup or so of the salad into tiny pieces - like a tapenade.

4. Spread the chopped salad over the hummus then top it with chicken.  

5. Roll it up!

I literally made this dinner this week only because I wanted to make this for lunch the next day.  It was a win-win.

BONUS - Adjusting this dinner recipe for kids!  All I do is pull out cucumber slices from the salad and kalamata olives for the child who will eat them and pop them on the plate without dressing.  Then when the chicken is done, I either chop some off the bone and into bites OR I make extra drum sticks because all of my children will eat those.