weeknight dinner | reuben sandwich

St. Patrick's Day falling on a weeknight seriously cramps a lot of our dreams of Corned Beef and Cabbage.  If you are like me and you're at work all day leading up to dinner - and it's a Friday which means things are trying to get wrapped up for the weekend so it's just a little more chaotic.  

Enter the Reuben sandwich.  It's the perfect solution.  You get a little Corned Beef, a little sauerkraut and you can feel a little Irish - in about 10 minutes.  

Or, if you are brining and boiling your own Corned Beef (full confession, I am - we're hosting a party for a group and I'm cooking up my own Corned Beef!) then this is perfect for Saturday lunch.  Or Sunday lunch.  Or pack one up for Monday morning at work.  After all, #nosaddesklunch