weeknight dinner | herbs de provence chicken


It doesn't take much to make a fabulous dinner - especially in the summer.  The peaches right now are epic and if you know anyone with a garden, then you know zucchini is especially abundant right now.  Because they are so fresh and juicy all they need is a few minutes on the grill to bring out the flavors.  

Also, have you discovered the deliciousness that is Herbs de Provence?  It's a fabulous herb mixture of tarragon, lavender, marjoram, basil, oregano, etc. and it pairs perfectly with summer fruit.  Because you can buy the spice mixture all done and ready to go, it means you only need that spice to create the perfect chicken.


I cook this in a grill pan, but you can skip cooking inside all together and barbecue this.  Because it's summer, I don't usually serve a grain on the side, but if you have big eaters (teenage boys come to mind) a loaf of bread, some brown rice or quinoa is a good fill in.  



with grilled peaches and zucchini


1 large split fryer, breasts, thighs, and drumsticks

¼ cup herbs de Provence

¼ cup olive oil

4 peaches, sliced in half

4 zucchini, sliced in half

2 tbs parmesan cheese

salt & pepper



Preheat oven to 475 degrees.  Sprinkle Herbs de Provence and salt over the chicken pieces.  Rub in to coat completely. 



Grill chicken, peaches, and zucchini together in a grill pan or on the barbecue – brush with a few tablespoons of olive oil so it doesn’t stick.  If the chicken pieces are thick, start them first and grill the peaches and zucchini at the end for 5 minutes each.  If chicken is not cooked through, remove peaches and zucchini from the pan and pop into the oven until a thermometer reads 160 degrees.



Sprinkle parmesan and salt & pepper over hot zucchini



Herbs de Provence Chicken