1      What is Weeknight Society?

Weeknight Society is a resource for busy people who want to cook a healthy and delicious dinner on the weeknight using real ingredients.  The Weeknight Society app is a fully integrated dinner solution providing quick recipes, smart shopping lists, and menu planning tools for weeknight cooking.  

2      How does this work?

Every Saturday we will change the weekly menu to feature fresh & seasonal recipes to inspire your weekly menu.  You can choose to cook those recipes with us by adding them to your weekly menu or search through your favorites & the recipe archive to find the perfect dinners for your busy week.

3     Why is the app only available for iPhones?

Turns out its very expensive to develop a mobile app!  We are working toward adding Android very soon.

4      Do you offer plans that fit with my dietary restrictions?

Yes and no.  We have a range of dietary restrictions that you can choose from in Settings in the app.  The current dietary restrictions take into account common allergies currently affecting families.  We will be adding additional dietary restrictions as the need arises.  Have a specific diet you are interested in seeing accommodated?  Send us a note!

5   What does it cost?

Weeknight Society is free!  By integrating some of our favorite brands into advertising, we are able to offer the app for free allowing every family access to healthy and delicious dinner recipes.

6      Why don’t you deliver groceries?

There are loads of services that will curate your weekly dinner groceries – but we don’t think that’s the right plan for everyone.  That’s why we’ve created something you can integrate into your regular grocery shopping routine whether that’s at a local chain store or your neighborhood famer’s market.

7      Are Weeknight Society recipes healthy?

We aim to create recipes that make you feel good.  Some are comfort food and some are healthy options.  A recent Cambridge study revealed that home cooked meals - as compared to ready-to-eat or fast food meals - are lower in calories – even when the cook pays no attention to a slimming meal.  It doesn’t always have to be health food to be better for you. 

8    What do you do with my email address?

Your email address is kept private.  We use it for your log in information and occasionally we’ll send you updates to make sure you are in the loop with what’s new at Weeknight Society.  You can choose to opt out of the emails at any time.

9      Who should I email for a press inquiry?

Send us an email!  We’d love to hear from you.